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If you have received notes from YWallet after height 1046400 (Thu, 28 Oct 2021 21:26:48 UTC), you have to move them out to a transparent address before you upgrade.

How to upgrade

  1. DO A BACKUP OF YOUR SEED/SECRET KEY if you haven’t done it already
  2. If you don’t have have any notes after 1046400 skip to 4.
  3. Send these notes to a TRANSPARENT address that you own. DO NOT USE A SHIELDED ADDRESS!
  4. Upgrade to 1.0.12
  5. If you did step 3, transfer the funds from the transparent address back to your wallet

Explanation of the issue

YWallet has incorrectly activated Canopy ZIP 212 on the Ycash branch at the same height as Zcash. It expects and creates notes with the new format. Unfortunately, this is not detected by the protocol rules and transactions are mined.

These notes are not visible by the other wallets. They cannot be spent by them and by YWallet after the fix.

Only YWallet 1.0.11 and below can see and spend these notes. Therefore they must be transferred to a transparent address before upgrading.

Do not transfer to a shielded address because it would create another note with the same issue.

If you upgrade without transferring these notes, you will need to rollback to version 1.0.11 and rescan your wallet.