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The first time you launch YWallet/ZWallet, the app will show the “About” page. Please read it and particularly the part about Keeping a backup of your accounts. It is the one and only way to make sure your coins are safe.

Do not share your account seed with anyone

At this point, you do not have any accounts. Let’s get you a new one.

No Account

  1. Press the button + in the bottom right corner. It opens the account creation and restoration page.

Add Account

  1. Give a name to your new account.
  2. But leave the field “Seed/Secret Key/Viewing Key” empty for a new account.
  3. Press the button “ADD”. The app will show the account backup information.


  1. Your backup is the 24 words in the top box. You must keep these words in a safe place. The order of the words is important.
  2. For your convenience, the app can show you a QR code for your seed phrase when you press the icon next to the box.


  • The account name is required. It does not have to be unique.
  • If the “Seed/Secret Key or View key” field is not blank but does not contain a valid value, the “ADD” button is disabled.
  • If you want to restore a previous account, go to this page
  • Below the seed phrase, you will find your secret key and your viewing keys. You do not need to save them because they can be derived from your seed phrase. They are provided in case you need to use another app that does not support seed phrases.

Account Manager

Once you close the Backup page, you will return to the Account Manager.

  1. Tap on the new account name