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Shielded Mode

Account Summary

  1. Address QR Code
  2. Address (middle part elided)
  3. Copy address to clipboard
  4. Show address QR Code full screen without other data
  5. Account Balance (up to 1/1000 of a coin)
  6. Remaining part of the Account balance (below 1/1000 coin)
  7. Press to generate a new (diversified) address
  8. Press to go to the send page
  9. Balance in Fiat currency and Exchange Rate


  • Diversified (or snap addresses) show up for a few seconds. Then the account reverts to the primary address. They can still be used afterward
  • If the device is tilted forward, the page switches to “Receive Mode”
  • You can choose the Fiat currency on the settings page

Receive Mode

Account Summary

  1. The account balance is hidden.
  2. The QR Code is rotated 180 degrees to facilitate scanning by a person in front of you.

This function can be turned off in the settings.

Transparent Address Mode

Account Summary

Your account is primary shielded: Most functions affect the shielded address.

However, there is a transparent address associated with each account that can be used to receive coins.

Tap the QR code to switch between Transparent and Shielded Mode

  1. The QR code of the transparent address
  2. The transparent address
  3. The balance on the transparent address. This balance cannot be spent directly. The coins must be transferred to the shielded address before they can be spent.
  4. Press to initiate shielding of the current balance