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The Auto-Shield feature automatically transfers your transparent balance to the shielded address when it is greater than a configurable amount.

It runs when it detects a change in your balance and schedules a transaction immediately.


  1. Auto-Shield threshold. A value of 0 disables auto shielding
  2. By default, shield when you pay. It can be overridden in the “advanced options” section of the Send page


  • If you set a low threshold, it may make a lot of transactions
  • However, if the threshold is high, your transparent balance could remain unshielded for a long time
  • Each transaction costs 0.01 mZEC (or mYEC)
  • You can manually shield by tapping the button “Shield Transparent Balance” on the Transparent Account page
  • With option 2, the recipient of the payment can infer that the transparent address belongs to you