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The History Tab shows the transaction history.

Color Address_Contact Memo

  1. Tap to toggle the display of height / confirmations
  2. Tap to sort by Date/Time (switches between ascending, descending, and unsorted)
  3. Tap to sort by Amount
  4. Tap to sort by Transaction ID
  5. Current page range
  6. Go to First Page
  7. Previous Page
  8. Next Page
  9. Go to Last Page
  10. Adjust the Number of rows per page. You may have to scroll the footer to the left if your screen is too small.
  11. Sort by Address / Contact Name
  12. Sort by Memo

Transaction Details

Tap on a transaction to show the details of the transactions

Details Details

  1. Opens the transaction in an external block explorer

Export to CSV


  1. Click on the ‘Save’ icon to export your transaction history as a CSV file


Transactions to Transparent addresses are not included in the history.

  • Incoming transactions are shown in green. Outgoing transactions are shown in red
  • Larger transactions are shown in heavier typeface