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The fastest, most advanced, shielded wallet for Zcash and Ycash


YWallet (supports Ycash)

ZWallet/WarpWallet (supports Zcash)

At a glance

  • Fastest synchronization of all the wallets on the market
  • Supports every feature of shielded y/zcash
  • Track your wallet performance and expenditures
  • Watch-only and Cold Wallet

More features

Getting Started

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  1. Does it support transparent addresses?

    Yes, but we highly recommend shielding these coins before spending them. The app is Shielded by Default.

  2. How fast is the synchronization exactly?

    It depends on the hardware but for average phones, Y/ZWallet scans the entire blockchain (as of Sep 2021) in around 1-3 minutes. In the end, your account balances are fully available to spend. The reference wallet SDK is 100x slower.

  3. Why the name Y/ZWallet and WarpWallet?

    There are different versions of the app for Ycash and Zcash. The app was initially built for Zcash and was called ZWallet. Then it was ported to Ycash and named YWallet. Unfortunately, the name ZWallet is taken on the Apple Store and the app had to be rebranded WarpWallet.

    A single version that supports both coins may be implemented in the future.

  4. Is it open source?

    Yes, the source code is available on github.

  5. Why is it not listed on the Zcash website?

    The source code is pending review by the Zcash team. However, it has been reviewed by the Ycash team and is listed on the Ycash Foundation website.

  6. Does it collect data?

    Absolutely no user data is collected. The wallet only connects to a lightwalletd server (by default the officially sponsored server) and CoinGecko for market prices.

  7. Can it connect to any lightwalletd?

    Yes, the wallet uses the standard API of lightwalletd. It can connect to ZecWallet version of lightwalletd or your own deployment.

  8. Can I receive my mining rewards in my transparent address?

    It is best not to receive your mining rewards because they need to mature for 100 blocks before they can be spent. The Y/ZWallet cannot shield your balance if any of the UTXO is not old enough. Currently, lightwalletd does not provide an API to get the UTXO age and the shielding transaction will be rejected by the network.

  9. How can I keep my account safe?

    The number one reason for lost coins is failure to have a backup of the seed phrase.

    Please, DO A BACKUP ASAP and make sure that it is kept in a safe place away from spying eyes.

    All the application data can be recovered from the seed phrase!

    Do not share your seed phrase with other people!